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The Circular Map Project

An open-source effort to map and visualize locally available resources for repair, reuse, upcycling, and zero-waste living in communities around the world.

While the transition to the Circular Economy is accelerating, we're not there yet. This project aims to visualize the local circular resources available today. Join the project here.

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The Circular Economy is an overarching approach to sustainability that touches every aspect of life, yet it can seem like an abstract and distant solution to the climate challenges facing us today.


Fortunately, there are already ways to shop, donate, and recirculate our materials so that others can use them. The aim of this project is to make the existing resources visible.


While this project began as a personal research tool, after sharing it online the initial prototype went viral. Now the ambition for this project to become an open-source map of locally available sustainable resources for people and companies around the world.

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London, UK

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New York, NY