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A modular toy designed to grow with a child's cognitive ability.
New York, New York

CanU is designed to grow with a child's ability to understand it as they mature through the stages of development. While open-ended play inspires imaginative scenarios among children, adults can find CanU challenging to play with as it tests their spatial thinking.


Many toys are designed for a single age group​, and ultimately contribute to the linear model of consumption by either ending up in donation bins or ultimately the garbage.


In contrast, CanU embeds multiple ways to play and provides entertainment to toddlers and adults alike. The concept was generated by utilizing the principles of developmental psychology as constraints for the design process and the selected idea was prototyped in wood.


After initial user testing with a range of age groups, demonstrated children having fun while engaging in visual and spatial thinking, I continued to play test with early learning teachers and received my first orders. Encouraged by the positive feedback, the project became a lesson in bringing a product to market as I sold the toy to schools and families.

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