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Visions for a Sustainable Future


Just as in a dream you awake into a world that seemingly always existed, the intention of this project to create an open and living document and a collection of short stories that give us a glimpse of a future that is regenerative, optimistic, and attainable.

Inspired by the work of Donella Meadows and her Guided Envisioning of a Sustainable World, it is my hope that these pieces of fiction will provide us all with a spring of ideas for products, services, technologies, organizations, and initiatives that shift mindsets and lead our society towards a future that enhances and protects the lives of all species for generations to come.

It is 2032 and the world is radically more sustainable.

How has your neighborhood, town, or city evolved? What is different about the commute to work? Has the experience of going out to a restaurant changed? How has the local sanitation system been transformed? Who lives in this world and what happens when they wake up in the morning?